Calibration Solutions

For Automotive IC Engine Vehicles, EV/HEV applications and Transmission systems
Calibration workflow management and Optimization with CalG

CalG is a Calibration Optimization and continuous process improvement product rolled into one! We use advanced data analytics approaches to take much of expensive calibration work offline.  Please see the video presentations for more details specific to the Indian market and BSVI readiness.

Calibration Services for advanced Emissions regulations

Gannet Engineers bring to you global best practices in Calibration gained through decades of working with the best OEMs and Tier1s from around the world. Meeting advanced emissions regulations implies working with very complex technologies and challenging design tradeoffs. What we deliver to our customers is Calibration process improvement, delivered by an industry-first Software-as-a-Service approach. 

We actively work today with customers in India to support them in their path toward BS6 requirements, as well as helping them in the progress toward Electrification and alternate energy.

Open Control Strategies

Gannet control strategies are architected Simulink models for Electric Vehicles, Dual Fuel, IC Engine control (Gasoline and Diesel), and individual features - a list that is ever growing. Customers have various models of engaging with our Controls teams, as described here. In every approach, our endevour remains to help our customers bring more IP inhouse. 

We have, through our experience with different automotive projects, accumulated expertise as well as software libraries. We give our customers that unique option of 'clean sheet' controls development by leveraging this accumulated experience. Our engineers are able to either leverage our customers' algorithms and transform them into architected Simulink models, or develop the algorithms ourselves. To do this, we have tieups with various facilities providers around India.

ECUs, Display Units, Rapid Prototyping toolchain, and much more!

Gannet is distributor of QTronic and New Eagle controls products in India. 

Please visit our Partners page to learn more. 

Finally, a Calibration product that fits YOUR process!

Gannet Engineering’s calG is highly modular, offered in Software-as-a-Service, and designed to be expandable to incorporate our customers’ individual requirements.

calG includes Engine/AFT optimization modules and a variety of estimators for accelerating India’s BSVI programs.

Beyond BSVI and EUVI

calG’s unique design ensures that it will look and feel like an in-house tool helping you take advantage of your own IP. It is designed to scale up to future needs such as RDE (Real Drive Emissions), OBDII & IUMPR, and Big data needs due to Autonomous driving requirements.

Intuitive Visualization and faster Iteration

calG provides rich yet simple visualization at your fingertips so that you can instantly see the tradeoffs in your engine calibration work. This makes it easier for less experienced and expert level calibrators alike to predict the impact of the changes they are planning to make very early in the process. 

Try calG for Free!

Perpetual license (with AMC) and Eval license Options (on request) are available today. Dongle and Network Licenses will be available in time.

Several new CalG Add-on Options are under development, eg. NOx estimator, MAF estimator, Calibration Project Manager, 3D Map Creator, DOE, and many more!