Complex Systems and Data Science

Complex Systems

A Complex System is one which is composed of simple components with individual behaviors, but the interactions of these behaviors result in truly complex and interesting macro-level outcomes. Gannet applies Complex systems theory to V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure)

Data Analytics

Gannet brings experience with the automotive domain but also the math and computer science behind getting the most out of data. This helps you derive the key insights from your field experience and slash need for expensive realworld testing!

Continuous Improvement

Integrated Vehicle Health Management (prognostics).

A collaborative Ecosystem for routing field insights at an early stage to Controls & Cal engineers.


Our Cloud/Web services based data sciences platform, coupled with CalG, OBD Calibrator, Plant modeling, and Requirements Management interface are all offered in a Software-as-a-Service model.

Data and Field Insights


We re-imagined the Automotive Development Process

Gannet Engineering brings to you best practices from around the world, but also insights from other industries. This includes the Wireless and Aerospace industries.

Automotive Product development must consider functional safety and be highly robust. Mining insights from Fleet/Field data not only ensures Robustness is enhanced in the face of complexity, but also reduces expensive re-work!

Harness the cloud with two feet on the ground!

We harness the power of the Cloud to connect: Calibrators with Controls, Service with Development and Managers with Engineers. We do this while harnessing rather than replacing your existing ALM and Development toolchains. 

Product Preview - OBD Calibrator


Product Preview - Gannet Analytics


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