ICE Kit 1 – ECU starter kit for up to 8 cylinder Gasoline Engines

Lowcost hardware Kit for rapid ICE Powertrain development

This Raptor Kit includes

1. ECM196 Raptor control module

2. ECM196 Connector Kit


4. Wiring Harness – LV – ICE – Lab

  1. GCM70-1559 Raptor control module
    As one of the fastest modules in our lineup due to its Infineon Tricore processor, the ECM196 is up to an eight-cylinder engine control module with 3 CAN buses and 1 LIN bus, and a large, diverse variety of I/O. A safety ASIC is designed into the module making it capable of safety critical applications. Please visit here for details. You may download the datasheet from here.
  2. Connector Kit for ECVM196. This kit includes the ECU Connector, Pins and plugs for empty slots.
  3.  KVaser LEAF LIGHT HS v2 USB-CAN Device is a lowcost single channel CAN device which will get you started. Please contact us or KVAser or one of their distributors for other options.
  4. Gannet made wiring harness that includes Power, CAN, and few other key Inputs to get you going with your kit fast! All you need is a PC with RaptorCAL installed, and a power supply and you are ready to power up and start working with your ECU!


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