Raptor GCM196 ECU

General Purpose Production Control Module
P/N: GCM-1793-196-1503

The GCM196 is a general purpose control module with 3 CAN buses and 1 LIN bus and a large variety of I/O. The speed of the Infineon Tricore processor make this the fastest module in our lineup. There is also a safety ASIC designed into the module suitable for safety critical applications.

The GCM196 is one of the Raptor™ rugged production controllers that use a software development process based on MATLAB/Simulink, known as Raptor-Dev. Raptor-Dev significantly speeds up algorithm development by using automatic code generation. In addition, developers can quickly test application software on their PCs with a built-in onscreen PC simulation.


• MATLAB Simulink
• Processor
• Infineon Tricore TC1793
• 200/260MHz
• Memory
• 4MB Flash
• 256 KB Internal RAM
• 45 Inputs
• 1 Wake Input
• 31 Analog Inputs
• 8 Digital Inputs
• 5 Frequency Inputs
• 45 Outputs
• 39 Low Side Drivers
• 3 H-Bridges
• 2 High Side Driver
• 1 Main Power Relay Driver
• 6-16 V Operating Voltage
• Communication
• 3 CAN 2.0B
• 1 LIN
• Environmental
• -40°C to +105°C Operating Temp
• IP6k9k Compliant
• Required Compiler
• Hitech Compiler v3.4.5.11
• Aluminum Construction


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