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Gannet are Control Systems and Calibration experts, supported by a top class Software Development group.

We provide our customers Control Strategies and Calibration services complete with a wide choice of Open ECUs, Open Display units, and a one of a kind Virtual Validation platform. Further, we help you integrate all this to meet your business needs, whether these are in

  • IC Engines
  • Exhaust Aftreatment
  • Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Special fuels: have a new pathbreaking technology or fuel that will lower emissions/improve efficiency? Contact us and we can help build you a special control system! 
Accelerated Calibration Development using CalG.

For Partner solutions on Frontloading, ECUs, Displays, Open Control Strategies, Hardware-in-loop & Systems Engineering see here.

Gannet Engineering Private Limited, established in 2016, is a control systems specialist, working across the Automotive and Industrial engineering domains. We bring to you rich domain expertise combined with the culture and creativity of a startup organization.
Gannet Vision 2020
  • Establish track record for solving the most pressing Emissions and Road safety problems faced by the emerging markets
  • Be the go-to Consulting and Validation partner to help customers cope with new technologies and disruption.
  • Be a trusted Application Engineering partner to innovative new Startups, and connect their services with larger industry needs.
  • Develop capability in Controls and Complex Systems, to become a valuable knowledge partner for industry and academia.
Company Culture
We strongly believe in the dictum “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast” . Therefore we bring to our employees a fresh and creative way of working that encourages active collaboration!

We also believe in fostering active collaboration in our external environment. For example between startups, and even with competitors. We compete on ideas, but co-operate on the end vision of a cleaner, safer and sustainable auto industry.

Partners, Affiliates and Advisors

New Eagle is a leading Control Systems solutions provider based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

QTronic GmbH was a Gannet partner till Sept 2019. It has been recently acquired by Synopsys. Therefore we no longer distribute the products. However Gannet remains an expert with Silver and TestWeaver, and we support customers with engineering services around these products.

We work with some of the best technical institutions around India, including College of Engineering, Pune, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Palakkad, Anna University, PSG College of Technology and many others. Our involvement with these great colleges have varied from product partnership, to capability development, to training interns at Gannet Engineering. Please check out Gannet Academy

Gannet also works with a variety of other companies in India and overseas. Contact us if you are interested in a new distribution channel in India for your innovative product, or simply for joint R&D in an area of interest.

Community Connect
We welcome you to read our blog, The Ganneter.

Gannet regularly trains and offers opportunities for engineers or to-be engineers to experience how it is to work in the industry. Our trainee/internship opportunities do depend on mentor availability but we will keep your information unless you request otherwise. So do not be shy to write in.

We work with other Startup companies actively. If are a startup and share a common interest, do not hesitate to contact us!

Global best practices in:

Automotive Process Consulting

Systems Engineering

Controls algorithm/function development and Modelbased development

Calibration Development

Frontloading, or the art and science of moving development effort from expensive vehicles/Dynos to the PC or HIL

Agile and Continuous Integration processes for ALL our software development

Helping you solve the problems that really matter.

Domain Experts

Hands-on Automotive and Industrial Systems & Controls expertise.

Emissions, Safety, Robustness

We work with you on the truly business critical problem areas.

Software, Math and Data

The Gannet team brings together Automotive experts and SW expertise from high tech companies. Therefore our development processes are Agile, based on Continuous Integration/Deployment and best-in-class. Complex systems approaches, Data Analytics and Math form an increasing component of our capabilities.

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Great Culture, Technical & entrepreneurial opportunity, personalities welcome!

State your skill area in email subject line and include your CV.

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Feel free to contact us even if nothing fits you directly.

Are you a Startup with a gamechanging new idea?

Focus on changing the world, and let us take care of everything else from Concept to Series Production!

We help you with Application Engineering, obtaining independent real-world test results, Sales, and Strategy support.

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